Marketing features

Component Library

A comprehensive library of Digital Marketing System ready components, including social and rich media, navigation, call to actions, and a wide range of page layout options.

Responsive Design

This proven framework is already delivering dozens of Sitecore sites. It has been successfully integrated with Ooyala, Coveo and Google Analytics and works with popular Sitecore modules.


The design builder provides content authors with the freedom to manage the visual design of a site. It’s perfect for everything from homepage design, to landing pages and microsites.

SEO Manager

Keystone is configured to follow SEO best practices, including URL naming conventions for multiple languages and tagging, all while tracking conversions.

Advanced Workflows

Keystone supports the push of content packages to guarantee all of your related content and media go through the appropriate workflows.


Technology features

Web Forms and MVC

Keystone supports both Web Forms and MVC out of the box, giving your developers the freedom to write in their preferred framework.

Multisite Compatibility

A multi-site manager eliminates the need to manage configuration files, while the rules engine implementation automates placeholders, stylesheets and workflow behaviours across all sites.

Multiple Languages

Roll out regional sites quickly and easily with localized Keystone components, including interface buttons and labels. Enhancedlanguage fall-back allows for partial or complete translation.

Production Ready

Deploy at a single click with Keystone’s production hardened configuration. Security, performance and cache are all ready to go at launch time.

Cloud Ready

Keystone is ready for public and private cloud deployments, with Azure, Amazon, InetU and Rackspace all fully supported.


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