Creating multiple sites in Keystone

Keystone includes an implementation of the multisite manager that allows content authors to add sites without requiring IT to modify the ASP.NET web.config or Sitecore include files. Because the sites are managed as content, content administrators can also apply workflows to manage new site approval.

To add a content site, locate the Sites node, add a new entry and then update the fields of the items. They map one-to-one to the settings available in the web.config. For any additional settings add a custom attribute child item.

The multisite manager code caches the data from the database. It will clear on publication, but if a manual refresh is required use the Flush Sites button on the Configure ribbon.

If you are working with our trial version - to enable the content based multi-sites in Keystone ensure the file /App_Config/Include/Keystone.All.MultisiteManager.config is deployed. On content delivery notes ensure the MultiSitesContentDatabase setting is set to the web database. The site configuration can be found in the content tree at /sitecore/system/Sites